What does it mean to invest?

Generally, investing is associated with putting money away for a rather long period of time rather than trading stocks in the stock market on a more regular basis. It is gradually building wealth over a period of time, rather than timing the market for quick profits.

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Fund Value Calculator

When it comes to your funds, it's always better to know what you have and what you are to collect in the future.

Current Fund Value Calculator

Find out the current value of your UFI or CFIFI fund based on the contribution amount and shares held. If you want to know whether it is time to increase your shares, then this calculator should help you in the decision-making process.

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Future Fund Value Calculator

Discover your fund's future value, whether it is a defined contribution or a defined benefit. Having an idea of how much financial return you can get in 10 to 30 years time will help you strategize your investments.

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Welcome to our New President, Atty. Jan Robert V. Beltejar

We are delighted to welcome our elected President, Atty. Jan Robert V. Beltejar! Atty. Jan Robert V. Beltejar has the distinction of being a lawyer, a senior executive and a […]

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